286/365 – Gentle exercise without medication

Last week I completely forgot to take my medication when I got into work and ended up doing yoga without having any. It was only as my head was hanging upside down in downward dog during my second sun salutation that I realised. My gut reaction was shit, I should definitely stop and go take them. It would be the first time in at least a year that I had exercised without medication. But I was too curious. 

How was it? Suprisingly for me I didn’t find myself feeling any weaker – in fact I have occasionally been feeling a little sick recently when exercising (I think due to the high doses of immunosuppressant I’m on) and yet on this day I felt great. As normal, I was shaking in several of the positions where I had to hold deep, difficult poses. But as I looked around the room, I noticed I was surrounded by other shakers. In fact at one point the teacher was also shaking. 

I’ve always taken my medicine first thing in the morning as that’s what my consultant recommended. I used to love exercising first thing in the morning before breakfast but as I need to eat before taking medication I thought this was no longer an option. But this has made wonder about whether gentle exercise like yoga or walking may be better before breakfast and medication? 

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