289/365 – Home adaptions

Every morning when I leave the house for work I struggle to shut my front door. It’s the type that you need to slam to get the lock to catch. It has no handle so it relies on force.

I normally eat breakfast at work and take my medication afterwards, but this week I’ve had a couple of days of eating breakfast and taking meds at home. On both of those days I’ve had no issue with shutting the door. 
I didn’t realise it before but the issues I’ve been having have clearly been related to my muscle weakness caused by MG. Something as simple as a handle on a door will make my morning easier so I’ve contacted the landlord to ask for it to be done. 

This is a very minor issue, but it made me think about other home adaptions that people with myasthenia may need – in fact that I may need in the future. I feel it was important to acknowledge that this is partly about my myasthenia (mostly the crap door) and hopefully in the future I’ll be able to identify other things that can help make my life easier.

I wonder if any of you have had to make home adjustments due to your MG?

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