290/365 – Home for a break

July was the last time I had a break of more than one day so I’ve decided to head home for a rest.
There has been a lot of hard work and hard play since our holiday to the Scottish isles and I’m feeling a bit burned out.

Physically I feel great and my MG symptoms are pretty stable, but my brain needs a bit of a rest and my motivation needs a boost. It’s got to the stage this week that I’ve had toast twice and porridge once for dinner and that really isn’t my style.So my plan for the next few days is not to have one. Other than my cousin’s wedding reception on Saturday night, I have absolutely nothing booked in and the thought of that fills me with sheer delight. I may even do a little dance.
It’s likely my time off will include a bit of catching up with family and friends, a bit of exercise and a bit of going for a walk around my favourite city and seeing where I end up. Or it may just be staying in bed, watching crap on Netflix and binging on my mum’s homemade soup. The beauty is in the not knowing.

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