291/365 – Food, sleep and libations

Last week I was doing a pretty bad job of getting the basics right. I was eating on the hoof, and not very well at that, and I was sleeping badly. This winning combination left me struggling to find the energy to exercise. 

My time off so far has definitely made up for this. I’ve spent more time in bed sleeping than anywhere else and have been eating proper meals (including a lovely Sunday roast made by my friend Gemma last night). As a result, I woke up this morning with the sun shining ready to take on the world. 

As the title suggests there have been a few libations thrown into the mix – mostly at my cousin’s wedding on Saturday. But because I’m getting the other things right, today I’m feeling excited for a gym session and spa with mother dearest. 

Three more days of proper food, exercise and a couple of libations thrown in and I’ll be ready to take on anything.

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