294/365 – Slippy autumn leaves 

Within the last week, autumn has begun to turn. After admiring all of the season’s glorious shades and hues, I’ve noticed over the last few days that the leaves are having to be admired on the floor as the trees are starting to shrug them off. This means one thing: caution must be taken. While they are beautiful, the pavements have started to get slippy. 

This is frustrating for everyone, but particularly for those who aren’t mobile. When people with myasthenia’s muscles aren’t strong, it already feels like the ground is trying to trip you up without slippy leaves doing its dirty work. A fall can dent confidence or cause injury and if it’s the latter, can also leave people feeling low and defeated.

While I am lucky to be mobile, twice this morning on my walk to the tube station I had near falls. In Edinburgh the streets are cleared of leaves, but this does not seem to be the case in London. If there is an area near your home that can be cleared, know that if you do it you’re helping prevent much pain and sadness this soggy autumn. 

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