296/365 – Blogging and myasthenia

We’re a talented lot and one of many things that people with myasthenia do well is blogging. There are a selection of fantastic blogs out there and I’m always coming across new ones – this week’s find was I’m not MYasthenia which the author describes ‘as a journey through the unknown’. It passionately captures all the other things that come before MG in the author’s life. One of the Myaware staff recently joked there should be a group on blogging and it made me think about what the benefits of blogging are. I’ve picked my favourite three things. 

Being able to put others at ease

When I decided to set up my 365 days of myasthenia blog at the end of the last year, I had come across a few good blogs describing what life is like with the condition. Some of those were about helping people cope with their feelings around this strange condition, while others were written to raise awareness and help others struggling to cope. Some combine all three in one as I aim this blog to do. However, I never came across these blogs when manically searching what the hell MG was all about  – they came later through support channels or specific hashtags on social media.

I wanted to create a blog that would pop up in those first few terrified searches and I’m glad to say that search engines are my main source of traffic now. I hope this means I’m reaching people when they need information on what it’s like to actually live with the condition. 

Heightened awareness about your condition

A lesson I learned in my university creative writing class was that when you’re writing about something your attention to detail is heightened. You are looking for the nuances and this give you a heightened sense of awareness about everything around you. It’s exactly the same in the case of blogging about myasthenia. I’ve noticed and learned a lot over the last year about my MG and the condition generally.

Small world

Gone are the days of only knowing the people in your local support group (if you have one near you). If you are involved in any kind of online community, you can speak directly to people all over the world with, and about, MG. This has been the case for my blog and it’s been enlightening hearing about different treatments and ideas from across the globe. 

2 thoughts on “296/365 – Blogging and myasthenia”

  1. Thank you so much for featuring my blog post, it means a lot to me. It is amazing to see so many people raising awareness of MG and spreading information and support! Your blog is great, very information and down to earth. Thank you! Best wishes. Fern x

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