298/365 – Sick of feeling sick

Over the last few weeks my eating habits have been very odd and it’s making me grumpy. I love food but my body has been stopping the enjoyment of late. One moment I will have very little appetite and the next I feel sick with hunger. Then not even an hour after eating something to quench that hunger, I feel starving again. Yet when I go to eat, I’m full very quickly. Like I said, annoying.

A few possible reasons have come to mind: how harsh the aziathioprine is on my system, because my diet hasn’t been good for the last while, and my low blood pressure combined with a high metabolism. I wonder if it is a combination of the first two or all three.

This week I’m going to try eating healthily and ensure I’m getting a variety of different nutrients. I also will make sure I’m eating enough as I had dropped a kilo and a half when I was weighed at my doctors last week. Ideally, I would also like to step down the aziathioprine before I see my consultant in December but I’ll need to check that.

One thought on “298/365 – Sick of feeling sick”

  1. Hopefully you’ll be better soon – great that you’re paying attention to nutrition, a lot of people with immunosuppressive conditions and medication as well as their doctors forget how much getting enough calories and nutrients means to recovery and wellbeing 🙂

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