299/365 – List of myasthenia blogs 

After my post on blogging the other day, I was asked to provide a list with links to other MG blogs. Your wish is my command. This list is by no means extensive, I come across new ones all the time, so if you want to add your blog or one that you enjoy reading just post a link to it in the comments below. 

Disclaimer: I don’t promise to link to it as I will only link to  blogs that I have enjoyed and would recommend.

  • Amy Millard writes an informative and fun blog on her life with myasthenia
  • Probably the most popular blog I’ve come across on Twitter is Jessica Gimeno’s on her battles against myasthenia and bipolar disorder. 
  • Part of the Women with MG community, this blog is written by a range of different bloggers. 
  • While I’m not entirely convinced of the science behind it, I have found Eat to beat myasthenia gravis blog inspiring. 
  • Stefanie Shea writes powerfully about her ups and downs with MG. 

2 thoughts on “299/365 – List of myasthenia blogs ”

  1. So honored to be included on this list! If you ever wan to collaborate or talk or want to be featured on my blog (I interview warriors who fight illnesses including MG obviously), let me know 🙂 And thanks for all you.

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