300/365 – Good days vs bad days

Following on from the post about using digital tools to tell your story of myasthenia, a colleague of mine found a tool while on a secondment and I had to try it. The tool slides from one image to another and therefore can show how things change. I thought it would be good way to show what good and bad days look like when you are affected by the ocular symptoms of myasthenia gravis.

To see the image, click on the link below:


On days when my symptoms are minimal, it is easy to pass for being condition free. On bad days, I can hardly lift my right eye. While the images at the top of my daily blogs are meant to track how different I can look from day-to-day due to the fluctuations, they don’t do it as clearly as this tool.

You can use this Juxtapose tool on the Knightlab website.

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