305/365 – Highlighting our ambassadors who don’t have MG

In my usual round of scanning Twitter for global myasthenia news, I came across an interesting post from a brave young woman. Representing Myaware Ireland, Monika Toulisyte is about to do a skydive for the charity. I couldn’t figure out whether she has MG or not, so when she got in touch to thank me for following her I asked. 

It turns of mad Monika is willing to throw herself out of a plane to raise funds for a charity she has no connection with. She is one of many and the myasthenia community owe people like Monika a great deal. 

She was looking for charities to volunteer with and when she came across Myaware, the research she did made her shocked that few people had heard of the condition. Since agreeing to do the jump, she’s not only been promoting what she is doing but also myasthenia through the charity. Not only that, she is also a volunteer social media advocate for the charity. 

If you would like to give a donation to Monika, here’s her Just Giving page. Thank you from me for caring and for doing what you can to raise awareness about our condition. 

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