306/365 – Struggling for fitness motivation 

Over the last few weeks, the weather has been getting me down. It has manifested in lots of ways; a preference for indoor over outdoor activities, not being able to get enough sleep and, most importantly, a complete lack of motivation to exercise. This lack of desire happens to me most years around this time – I think due to my body going into hibernation mode. But there have been two differences this year that are concerning me a little.

1. I’ve not been able to talk myself into it

I never enjoy exercising as much in the winter as in the summer. Like every normal person on the planet, I prefer to keep fit with the sun on my skin. In winter, I tell myself I need to stay fit to ensure I can enjoy that feeling again in a few months time and I put the work in to maintain a certain level of stamina. I also now have the added driver of keeping my muscles as strong as possible. I am normally able to motivate myself enough to silence the excuses.

Worryingly, this time around I’ve been listening to the protests. Not just once or twice – every week for the last 2 months, I’ve been doing much less than I normally would.

What I’m doing about it: This week I’ve been firm with myself and have done two sessions since returning from Dublin. Making it to the gym for each one was a battle of willpower, but I did it and I feel better for it. To help get me there, I’ve mixed up my tired routines and thrown in some fitness challenges.
2. I’ve got less energy than I’ve ever had before

As a result of not exercising as much, on top of eating badly and I think what the high dose of aziathioprine does to my body, I’ve had low energy levels. This is a vicious circle and one I am determined to break.

Because I’ve been struggling to motivate myself, I can already feel my stamina levels dropping. Yesterday on the treadmill, I was exhausted doing something I would previously have been able to do confortably and I’m struggling to find the strength to cycle at the level and speed I used to manage comfortably. I don’t want them to drop any further.

What I’m doing about it: Plan three to four sessions a week up until Christmas and start eating healthier food to help with energy levels.

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