309/365 – Myasthenia community coming together

Yesterday was this year Myaware’s Young Person’s conference in Birmingham. Kicking off at 11am, the schedule was quite busy until after 5pm.

Sadly I missed the morning activity as we got delayed coming through from London but from what I heard the presentation by Dr Fiona Norwood, of King’s College Hospital, was both interesting and made lots of the members want to transfer over to her. From the brief conversation I had with her over lunch I can well imagine how great she would be as a consultant. More about this in my next blog.

The afternoon schedule was good – with a mix of workshops, an update about the charity from Ruth (another blog on this will follow) and finally a session of Tai Chi and relaxation (as pictured below) which was definitely my highlight of the activities. Everyone who was there will long remember flying like majestic birds. 

For me though what made the day was the conversations with my fellow MGers from across England and Northern Ireland. There was a really positive atmosphere in the room and everyone seemed delighted to be in a place where they didn’t need to explain themselves. 

While there was a sense of support amongst the group and being there for anyone who was having a hard time, there was also lots of laugh. While some of the sessioms organised were quite serious, the company was relaxed and everyone seemed to be having fun when chatting with each other.

As I’ve said above, I have plenty more to say in the next few posts. For now though, thank you to everyone who made my trip through to Birmingham (on the slowest train on earth) worthwhile. I’ll definitely be staying over next year!

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