314/365 – Faces of myasthenia 

Walking through hipster haven Shoreditch recently, I spotted an advertising campaign of Tech’s top talent. The point of the campaign was not only to celebrate the individuals featured but also to show the diversity of the tech world. It reminded me of an idea I had a while ago for showing the diversity of the myasthenia community. 

My idea was simple: show the range of different people affected by MG through photos. This differs from the world map I blogged about last month as the faces should have more of an impact on people who come across it. Originally I had thought in the UK, but given the international engagement with this blog – why not do it on a worldwide scale? 
Again, originally I had thought of a calendar but it would be unlikely that anyone outside of the myasthenia world would see it. So why not create something that could be shared on the internet? It doesn’t mean you can’t do the former as well, but this has the potential to reach more people and create awareness.

My thoughts moving forward with this:

  1. Put a call out for photos of people with myasthenia – alongside the photo I think it would be good to have your first name and country you are from
  2. Ensure all images are edited to the same proportions 
  3. Create a Flipagram with all the different images (click here to see a previous example I did on Flipagram)
  4. Share it on social media and on the blog – encourage you to help get it seen as widely as possibly. I thought to help to get this shared and seen, a hashtag like #facesofmg (possibly linking in with #ihaveheardofMG) could work.

If people don’t send me their pics, I could use the #ihaveheardofmg photos as a starting point.

So, it’s over to you – what do you think? Would you be willing to take part? 

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