315/365 – 50 posts to go

Earlier this week it was a month to Christmas and now I realise I’ve only got 50 posts to go (and a bit of double posting to do to get to 365 by December 31). I can hardly believe I’ve reached this final milestone – where has 2015 gone? 

Over the coming weeks I’ll be writing about:

  • my plans for the future of 365 days of myasthenia
  • a bit more about #facesofmg 
  • the big news for people with MG this year
  • what would make life better/easier for people with MG in the future

And a lot more. I’m still very open to suggestions so if there’s anything I haven’t written about so far that you would like to know about please do get in touch.

In the last 315 blogs I’ve covered a huge range of topics. You can browse by some of the key themes here:

All that’s left for me to say is…It’s the final countdown.

2 thoughts on “315/365 – 50 posts to go”

  1. Hi, Just wondering could you do a post on weak bladders associated with myasthenia. Seems to greatly affect me with exercise! Not sure if it effects anyone else.

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