316/365 -Tough jobs for those with myasthenia

This weekend my brother visited from Manchester and on Saturday night we went to the theatre to see ‘In The Heights’. It was our third time seeing the Tony Award winning show set in Washington Heights, New York, together and once more we were amazed by the athleticism of the performers. 

The hip hop and salsa choreography in this high energy musical leaves you exhausted just watching it. In fact, I was so tired spectating on this occasion that it made me think about whether someone with myasthenia would be able to do a stage job like that. 

The main reason my mind wandered to this was one of the stars was heavily pregnant and it got me thinking about how rare that is to see. More specifically, how rare it is to see anyone who isn’t ‘at their best’. 

Physical jobs are obviously more difficult for people with MG and I’ve heard many tales of careers, current or dream, having to be put aside for something more realistic. Saying that, I’ve also met a PE teacher, a chef and I hear there is even a model with myasthenia. The question is – is any job still achievable if modifications can be made? If your dream has always been to become an actor/musician/model/athlete etc etc, does getting an MG diagnosis put an end to it? 

I would love to say no but unfortunately, like most things concerning MG, it is dependant on the individual and the severity of their condition. Due to the fluctuating nature of the condition, it may be that you are able to do a physical job part-time or most of the time with breaks when symptoms are flaring. I read about a model with Lyme Disease last week who works less than her other model companions, but who has still been able to forge a successful career. 

The heavily pregnant actress wasn’t doing flips like her colleagues, but she gave it her all. Her singing, her modified dancing and her acting were all equally fantastic and it was her performance that the crowd were talking about as they left the theatre. Could it not be the same for someone with myasthenia? 

2 thoughts on “316/365 -Tough jobs for those with myasthenia”

  1. My partner lost her job as a park ranger because of MG, and I think that is almost harder on her than the disease itself. In the US, law enforcement officers are disqualified for something like 5 different diseases, one of which is MG. The physical tiredness is also hard on her, but it’s nice to see someone else who works out so much! Your blog has been helpful–it’s good to see another active, strong person with MG. I guess part of MG is just dealing with the fact that one’s expectations should be much lower, but we haven’t gotten there yet.

    1. It sounds like you are a fantastic support and that will go really far. I found with the acceptance it’s important not to put pressure on – like everything else you get used to it with time – and it helps to focus on what can still be done rather than what can’t. Saying that, not being hard on herself when she is having low days/weeks is important too – it’s a big change and it’s ok to grieve in anyway she wants. Is there anything you think it would be useful for me to write about for her?

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