319/365 – Missing out on a spot as UK Blog Awards judge 

A few months ago I received an exciting private message on Twitter asking if I would consider being a judge for the UK Blog Awards 2016. As I’m not the kind of person who says no lightly, I replied ‘definitely, count me in’. The exposure that being a judge of The blog awards for the UK would give to myasthenia was very exciting – as was the prospect of doing the actual judging. What a cool way to spend a day, I thought. Sadly, it was not to be.

Part of the deal for being a judge was that I’d need to do a profile and create a video. While the idea of that was fine, one of the requirements for the profile was to talk about my job. As you know, I don’t write much about my job on here. Not because I can’t but because I would rather keep the two separate. Unfortunately this is why I had been chosen as a potential judge – not because my blog is a riveting read but because I’m a blogging civil servant. Sigh. 

On the plus side, while I’m not going to be a judge I can still enter the competition. And I intend to. There’s still a chance the UK Blog Awards 2016 can help raise awareness myasthenia.

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