320/365 – It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

While I’ve been wanting to do it for weeks now, this weekend felt like a respectable time to finally decorated our flat for Christmas. I’m a Christmas nut – I love everything about this time of year. Therefore it’s not in my interest to drag the festive season out and ruin its impact. As I leave London to go home for the bulk of the 12 days for traditional decorating, decorating now gives me a few weeks of feeling festive in our wee flat before heading home for the real deal. 

While decorating has been exciting for me this year because I’m feeling strong, I’m reminded of how I felt last year. I was still in recovery mode after the operation and, as my body adjusted, my symptoms were flaring badly. As we decorated our tree, my right eye was almost completely closed and my muscles were weak. 

Thinking about the difference while easily hanging lights made me incredibly grateful for how strong I’m feeling at the moment. I’d like to think it’s the thymectomy in action but it could just be luck: Who knows what state I’ll be in this time next year but all I can do is appreciate the fairy-lit, Scandinavian-themed, moment.  

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