323/365 – Christmas gifts for people with myasthenia

It’s the time of year to show your loved ones just how much you understand them, love them and appreciate them – in a gift. No pressure then. That’s why every year there are gift buyers tearing at each other – the amount those gifts are meant to communicate makes people crack up.

When it comes to buying gifts for people with myasthenia, here are my five tips. Feel free to share with your loved ones if any of this applies to you:

Tip 1: Clothes to relax in

People with MG can never have enough comfortable things to chill out in. Whether it’s a pair of pyjamas or a new piece of knitwear, your loved one may even start appreciating your gift by getting cosy in it on Christmas Day.

I’m pictured above in my mum’s early Christmas gift for me that fits with this category.

Tip 2: Entertain me

On low energy days, it can be great to have some items at home for entertainment so you don’t even have to think about going outside. Be it good speakers for music, a new box set to veg out in front of or even better a subscription to Netflix. If they are feeling more mobile at the moment, you can’t go wrong with a cinema gift card.

Tip 3: Things to look forward to

I’m a big fan of experiences for gifts and it’s always good to have something to look forward to during the gloom of January. Why not treat your loved one to a night away, tickets to see a favourite band or even a fun activity for a few months time. While it may be that when the time comes they aren’t strong enough for the event, giving the promise of shared fun is priceless in my book.

Tip 4: Make and do

As I wrote about previously, many people with MG take pleasure in crafting at home and there is now an incredible amount of different crafty gifts to get. I’d recommend checking out websites like Not On The High Street for this. 

Tip 5: A pamper session

Let’s be honest – most of us are bad at relaxation so being made to take time out to be completely indulgent is a fantastic way to say I love you and you deserve this hour of massage or this sumptuous face cream.

Any other gifts you’d recommend? Please do let me know.

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