325/365 – Surprise Scandinavian weekend 

Months ago Elaine asked me to book today off work as she wanted to organise a surprise Christmas day together. I did this months ago and it arrived, as these things often do, out of nowhere. 

From what she had said, I believed it to be a one-day thing but, as you may have guessed from the title, that’s not the case. 

Last night, when I arrived home, she gave me part of the story when I was asked to help pack my bag. Thankfully I had time to take it all out and start again this morning – after finding out we would be spending the weekend in Stockholm. 

A lot of thought had gone into the surprise – even down to asking anyone who would listen when she should tell me. The sweetheart had even gone out and bought thermals because ‘it can get chilly walking around Christmas markets’. I laughed at her embarrassed, cute face as she said this, but after walking around the Old Town, Gamla Stan, tonight the thermals are already set out for tomorrow. 
While I’m feeling ok at the moment, my eye is bad again and that’s left me feeling a bit down. It’s also been a very busy few weeks of not much quality time.

So this weekend we will chilling out in Sweden’s capital – wandering around cobbled streets with wide eyes full of wonder, picking up some presents in the markets, enjoying a daily fika and getting as much rest as possible.

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