326/365 – Keeping warm in 1 degree

From wandering around Stockholm in near minus temperatures today, I’ve realised that I’ve become a soft Southener. But it’s ok because so is Elaine. We both need to take a lesson from the hardy Swedes. 

We had to head back to the hotel after less than two hours of market browsing this morning to put on additional layers (wrapped in a blanket). My arms were struggling to cope and felt like they would give way under my (light) shoulder bag and my legs felt like lead. The receptionist looked at us like we were pathetic, but it made the difference. 

People with myasthenia find their condition affected by different temperatures. I’ve never really had any problems in heat, but it seems I’m not built for freezing climates.

With the extra layers (including the thermals I’m pictured in above) and some new suede gloves (just because), I’m finding it much easier to act like a tough Scandi and get stuck in. We’ve now retired for fika, coffee and a cinnamon bun in my case, but I’m looking forward to seeing another part of the city tonight rather than dreading heading back into the cold. 

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