327/365 – #FacesofMyasthenia launched

As I’ve posted about twice now, a few weeks ago and advert for the talent in the tech sector got me thinking about running a #FacesofMyasthenia campaign. After the support of the MG community, we now have a video to launch:  
But to get this to reach as wide an audience as possible, and raise awareness, I need your help kind readers. 

Can you:

1. Use the hashtag #FacesofMyasthenia with each post

2. Can you share your own pic and a bit about your own MG as well as the video

3. Can you encourage friends and family to share it 

4. Can you put your location on the post and encourage anyone else to do the same

Let’s see how far we can get this. 

Here’s the link to the video or you can share the link to this post: https://flipagram.com/f/giUSqp9bCW

Thanks everyone for getting onboard with this – let’s show the world how beautiful the Faces of Myasthenia are.

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