328/365 – Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

For the first time this winter, I found myself wandering around in the snow. Starting out with the lightest drips it was barely even recognisable as snow this morning. By the time we were heading to the airport the streets were covered in slippery icing sugar.

The coldest day of the trip at -2, we found ourselves out in the snow for long spells during a walking tour of Sodermalm and a march along the river. It was not a day for standing still and even taking photos felt impossible by the end as it meant removing gloves from already frost bitten hands. On a day like this one, you can’t fit enough fikas in to keep warm. 

However, the lessons of yesterday about thermals and layering came in handy. I managed to be warm enough to enjoy the atmosphere and let the snow make me feel Christmassy rather than shivery for most of the day. And I’m sure the restaurant didn’t really mind that I had to take my boots off to get feeling back in my toes. 

God jul everybody and let’s get hoping for a white Christmas. 

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