329/365 – Looking and feeling better for a rest

It’s amazing what three days off can do if you don’t really have anywhere to be or anything to worry about. This weekend of quality time for Elaine and I was well needed in the build up to crazy season. What I didn’t realise was how much I needed a break just for myself. A chance to sleep for more than 10 hours a night, have afternoon naps and take everything at an easy pace. 

Over the last few weeks, despite taking it pretty easy with the nights out and getting lots of exercise, my eyes have slowly getting affected again by the myasthenia. Thankfully I’ve not had bad double vision, but typically it looked at its worst on the day of my work Christmas night out. While I’m used to them acting up, it’s also a little frustrating when this happens when I want to feel and look good. 

That self awareness continued into this trip. But, as if by magic last night after a few drinks with my girl, my eye is suddenly better. The rest and the lack of stress clearly helped, and on this occasion a drop of whisky did too.

After a lot of fresh, cold, air, and possibly in the aftermath of last night’s drinks, I’m feeling exhausted today. As we walked through the airport, I had to drag my legs and use a trolley to put my weight on. But after a good sleep again tonight, I’ll feel ready and able for the last push to Christmas. I can’t thank Elaine enough for giving me that space and time to recover.

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