332/365 –  Digital emergency contact card

I wrote earlier this year about the emergency contact card that you can carry around in your purse. In it you can list the condition, the things your not to take if you are hospitalised, the medication you take and emergency contact details. I’ve just found about the digital version of this. 

Call me slow to the party but I didn’t know until yesterday that iPhones have a medical ID card that can be viewed when your phone is locked. This clever feature asks for similar things to the printed version:

  • condition(s)
  • medical notes
  • allergies and reactions
  • medications
  • emergency contact details
  • blood type 
  • weight
  • height

You can add information to your card through the Health app that is inbuilt from an iPhone 5 upwards. I’ve tried to find out whether there is an equivalent on android phones but I can’t find a definite answer. Does anybody know whether certain android phones offer the same feature?

Once you have set up the information, to test it out do the following:

  • lock your phone
  • slide it as you would to key in code
  • at the bottom left you will see ’emergency’ – click this it will give you the option to either make an emergency call or to view the medical ID at the bottom left corner of your phone

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