333/365 – Christmas dinner number one

I’m delighted to say with only a few days left until I’m off for the Christmas holidays, I’m feeling great. Better than I have in years during the Festive Season. That’s definitely thanks to Elaine for the break from the chaos last weekend. It’s also because I’ve stuck to my promise – of being selective with how I get in the spirit.

Tonight we’re having some friends around for a Christmas meal as we have done over the last few years. The way I’m feeling today reminds of how I felt on this exact occasion two years ago. I had been diagnosed with the condition only a few months before and my symptoms were really bad. I had only just started treatment and was feeling blue and extremely self conscious as  you’ll see from the picture below.  This is the only picture I allowed to be taken of me that night and you can tell through the finger monocle how bad my eye is.
Two years on, I’m feeling so much better in my own skin and comfortable with my choices. I’m going to continue taking it easy up to and hopefully through Christmas so that I can start 2016 on a high.

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