334/365 – What do you admire?

What do you admire? I was confronted with this question today on a shop sign and it made me pause. How often do we take a step back and think about what we admire? I know that I don’t do it enough. This time of year, as we think about endings and new beginnings, is a great time to do so. As I consider the imminent end of 2015 and this blog, one of the things I’m full of admiration for is the strength of the myasthenia community. 

This year I’ve got much closer to many people in the MG community as they’ve opened up and shared their experiences with me. 

There are so many brave MG warriors out there who:

  • Put on a smile for their family day after day
  • Allow themselves to be vulnerable 
  • Confront their condition most days in the mirror
  • Have to adjust to a different life than they thought they would have
  • Fight to fundraise for research and awareness
  • Find the strength to support others with the condition
  • Battle through childhood and their teenage years with this condition that sets them apart

And so much more. My admiration for the people I’ve had the privilege of getting to know better this year, and the strangers who find the strength to battle on each day, is boundless. 

Part of this admiration is captured in the video I made about the Faces of Myasthenia. I hope to be able to do much more in the New Year. 

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