337/365 – Counting my blessings this Christmas

Finally…I’ve made it to the end of my year in London and I’m on the train home. After the usual stop-start crawl out of this sprawling chaotic capital, the train has found its flow and I’m hoping it’ll inspire some flow from me too. 

While we’re waiting for that, I can tell you that I’ve just had an overwhelming flood of gratitude. I’m grateful that I’m heading home to my family, to my friends and to a place where I can rest and think clearly. I’d be extremely lucky to have any of those things to come home to but to have them all makes me feel blessed. 
Nothing is more sacred than the people around you and for the first time in years I’ve written cards this Christmas. Proper cards – with two sides of thoughtful words and a request to hear news back. It can be so easy to let relationships slide in this busy world, but I plan to fight this in the new year and thought I’d start early.

On the dark days of MG it can be hard to think outside of its high walls, but take a moment to count your blessings this Christmas. 

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