338/365 – What would make life better for those with myasthenia?

This is a question I’ve asked myself repeatedly during this year of blogging – what would improve quality of life for those with myasthenia (including myself)? Are there little things that would make life better or is it all medication-related?

Here are three things I think could help, but share your thoughts below:

1. Understanding employers, protection against discrimination in the workplace and flexible working – read more from my posts about work.

2. The name ‘myasthenia’ to be recognised more frequently -read more about from my posts on raising awareness.

3. If medical staff knew more about myasthenia or if there were more specialist nurses – most people you meet with MG will tell you they have had a mixed bag of luck with medical staff. While I know rare diseases like MG will never be given as much thought as other conditions, it would be fantastic if knowledge was better shared.

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