339/365 – Not merry Christmas Eve

As my family did our Christmas Eve rituals, I was thinking how I can hardly believe it’s been 365 days since last Christmas. Thankfully there is a world of difference between how I’m feeling today and last year. 

Then I was still recovering from my thymectomy, was on anti-biotics for a chest infection and, as a result of both and more, I was exhausted. As a result of that, I looked and felt terrible.

Today, I started with a run despite the howling rain. After our cinema trip to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens, we had a wet and windy stroll around the Christmas markets. I’ve added a picture below as, despite the chill we all got, it’s the place that captures the spirit of Christmas for me.  

To warm up we headed to our usual Christmas Eve spot, where I’m pictured above, for some dinner. Because I’m feeling better, it’s tempting to have a few drinks to celebrate but I’m determined to be in the best possible form tomorrow. So I’ll have a toast at the bells and then to bed early.

I hope you’ve had a strong and happy Christmas Eve and all the best for tomorrow. 

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