343/365 – Sweating out the turkey 

After two days of Christmas indulgence and my third tonight, I needed an exercise fix today. The sun was finally shining and nostalgia came over me – I decided to run my favourite route near my family home. With amazing views across Edinburgh, the 9km route is always a pleasure.   

Today I did it without medication which is a first. I woke up late and didn’t have time to digest breakfast, take medications and then go running. I didn’t intend to go out for a long one – just a quick burst to get my heart pumping harder. But with the sunshine and as the wind of the last few days finally calm, I was really enjoying striding it out. 

I managed the distance at an easy pace but by the end of it my legs were heavy. I’m delighted that I made it and feel better for it, but wouldn’t run without medication in normal circumstances.

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