345/365 – The struggles of Christmas-time travels

While the notion of being at home with loved ones over Christmas and New Year can be stressful for some (not me though mum), it’s a patch on the travelling over this period. Add busier than normal transport to  heavier than normal bags and the price our bodies are paying for over indulgence. It doesn’t make for a very rewarding experience. 

I’m travelling over to Dublin for New Year tonight and I’ve never been so glad to reach the departure gate for a rest. The presents for Elaine’s family, along with a little bit of bargain booze for the celebrations, and some of my own gifts meant I had to keep switching arms.   

It’s time like this when I’m reminded how much easier I need to take it now. Regular breaks were required between the entrance and departure gate whereas before I would always volunteer to take others bags as well as my own without really breaking a sweat.

I wouldn’t have dreamed of looking for a trolley in the past, but tonight I was desparately scanning for one without any luck. Alongside the upheaval of leaving the family and friends in Edinburgh, I felt like crying struggling between the check in to the gate and was kicking myself for not leaving more at home. 

Here’s hoping there’s a trolley in Dublin to help me get to Elaine.

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