347/365 – Nearly 365 days

As you can see, I’ve missed the deadline for the grand New Year’s Eve finale I had planned. I started this blog a few days after New Year in 2015 so I’m not going to start 2016 by beating myself up. That’s life after all and it’s certainly the way this year has been – not everything goes exactly as you want it to but one things is for certain ‘life goes on’. 

So I’ll keep blogging until I reach 365 posts and then unleash the new style blog in the New Year. As I wrote about earlier this year, I’m keen to use the blog and its following for others to share their experiences of myasthenia. Also the experiences of partners, children, parents, friends etc of people with myasthenia. If you’re interested in doing a guest blog, drop me a comment below with your email address. 

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