349/365 – Keeping it real this January 

It’s the time of the year when you’ll be overwhelmed with cliches about new beginnings, and your year being a 365 day blank book (well 361 days at this stage) ready for you to fill etc etc. I may have put a few in my last blog. But let’s be honest – it doesn’t feel any different from last year. Not yet anyway.

To make it feel different, you have to be active about assessing what it is you want to change. That takes brain power and time for reflection and planning. The festive season is rich in many of the good things and one of those is time. But it’s in the first few weeks of January that the ground work is laid and the dreams of the year, and years, ahead takes shape or doesn’t. 

This week I’ve decided to be active about starting my resolutions. On the first day back to work, I got up early (5.30!!!) to go to hot yoga, ate well, bought lots of healthy food and cracked through some practical jobs that had been on my mind. During the rest of the week, I intend to start working on my other two resolutions including awareness for myasthenia.

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