354/365 – The highs of blogging for a year

Me again – I know it’s starting to feel like I’m dragging out the last few posts of my year of blogging. That’s because I am. It’s now a year + a week but that’s ok. There’s a few reasons why and most of these are positive reasons. 

Reflecting on the impending 365th post, I wanted to capture the highs that have kept me writing. 


  1. getting to know people with MG around the world betteras a people person, the most valuable takeaway from everything I do is normally related to people. I’ve met many new people, both online and in real life, this year through this blog and wider myasthenia networks. Every time the comment alert sounded on my phone during the year, I was thrilled. 
  • understanding my own MG better – charting how the myasthenia has made me feel over the last year has helped me better understand what affects the condition. Near the end now and I’ve never felt more comfortable with my MG or stronger.
  • allowing myself to be vulnerable – as I’ve stated many times in this blog, allowing myself to be vulnerable does not come naturally (I’m Scottish, of course it doesn’t). But this blog has helped me open up not just to my loved ones, but also work colleagues, the MG community and complete strangers. I’ve always believe in asking what’s the worst that can happen – in this case all I’ve had is a lot of love and support from readers.
  • achieving something  – the idea of writing a blog per day for a year was very ambitious. However, I read recently that even if you don’t succeed with big goals like this, in trying to, you’ve done a lot more than you would normally. I’ll only be setting big goals in future.
  • having a full year (+) documented – it’s the modern equivalent of a year book and once I’ve stopped writing I can go back over it to see what else I can learn.

While it’s not an easy thing to commit to, I would recommend it and support anyone else who thought they might like to reap some of the rewards I’ve discussed above. Will anyone take on the 2016 #365daysofmyasthenia mantle? 

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