355/365 – Battling through January blues 

 The January/winter/only spotting daylight through the window blues are not easy to shake and many people I’ve spoken to of late feel they want to hibernate until spring comes. But I find the only way to try to make it better is being honest with yourself about the reasons behind the blue. Then it goes from a general feeling of darkness to individual issues that I can begin to tackle.

The things that are myasthenia related that are getting me down currently are few at present:

  • The wait to see my consultant to lower my dose of aziathioprine: it’s already felt like forever following a missed appointment and I still need to wait until April. I’ve been on the highest dose my body can take for over a year now and I’m keen to find out how my body copes on a reduced dose. At the moment I’m feeling very strong and it feels like the time is right.
  • This year I want to push myself to travel a bit further than before, but due to the MG and specifically the medication there are restrictions. While I’m incredibly lucky that I can still see different parts of the world, sometimes it can be a little frustrating that currently sections of the world are off limits. More about this soon. 
  • The constant risk of infection at this time of year: thankfully I’ve not had an infection for a few months but whenever I notice someone ill close by, it’s a waiting game. 
  • Finally, the constant sniffles. Nuff’ said.

With all of these, there isn’t really anything that can be changed immediately so it’s a case of trying to change perspective. None of these are big and I’m very lucky to be feeling healthy and strong at the start of this year. That’s what I need to focus on to burst the MG-related January blues.

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