356/365 – Precious patient 

Curled up on the hospital bed with the ECG pads still all over my stomach and chest, I woke up with a fright when the doctor finally came to speak to me. It was 7am on Saturday morning by now and I could tell by looking at him that he was jealous of my light sleep. But  that didn’t stop him from giving me a full check up: testing my reflexes, my pulse, blood pressure and other tests I don’t understand. He stopped short at blood tests – much to Elaine’s relief – but told me I’d done the right thing coming into hospital as I am a precious patient, due to the MG, and the symptoms I had were to be treated with caution.

I had been stupid on Friday and that’s how I ended up in hospital in the middle of the night. Straight after two days in a row of 1 and a half hour hot yoga classes, I mindlessly had a few glasses of bubbly. Not thinking about the strain my body had already been under, I pushed it too far with adding alcohol on top and woke up with palpitations at 3.30am. When they didn’t shift after about half an hour, I thought it would be best to call NHS 111 and they told me to get down to our nearest hospital’s A&E. Poor Elaine, who had been keeping me calm throughout, drove on the icy, dark roads and stayed with me. 

I know – I am an idiot and will not be doing it again. I’m annoyed at myself as I was feeling great for doing the yoga – as you can see in the picture above its helped me feel well and strong although 2 days in a row was my first mistake. 

But it was great to have a general emergency doctor recognise that the breathlessness I was having could have been related to the MG and a crisis. Once again I’m reminded that everything I do now must be more considerate of my health, but also that if/when something does happen, I need to tackle it head on and trust that I’ll be in safe hands. 

4 thoughts on “356/365 – Precious patient ”

  1. This week end I had a remarkably similar experience , in that I had a big week 4 days of fulltime work , school holiday program activities for the kids , a Friday ( my day off to “rest”) got taken up with other stuff. Saturday at 4am I away with breathing difficulties …. and a trip to to ED required. I cant push the limits or a I pay for it in spades…

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