363/365 – Capturing the lessons of my 365 days

Since I began writing this blog more than a year ago, its been a frenzy of trying to keep up with the passing days. As I touched upon in a recent post about the lows of blogging for a year, the time commitment can be difficult when life is busy with other things. It has meant that during the year I’ve had very little time to think much beyond the 365 days and that’s why I’ve taken longer than I hoped to finish. So now that there only a few granules of sand left in my egg timer, I’ve been thinking ahead to what’s next. More about that in the penultimate blog. 

In this post I want to look at how I’ll be using what I have written. Over the year I’ve had fleeting thoughts about whether I could use the material in the blogs for something more and self publishing an e-book was something that I considered early on. I loved the thought of it but didn’t think twice about how I’d do it, what the focus would be or the format it would take. I’m still unsure about what the answers to these questions are. But, as I read back over the posts, I grow more sure that I want to tell a story about myasthenia through collecting the blogs into an e-book. 

If you have any suggestions or experience that you’d be willing to share, I would be incredibly grateful. Ideally I’d like the MG charities to promote to people when they are first diagnosed as the feedback I’ve had this year has often been that people wished they had it early to see that they can still live a full life. But like living with the condition, I’ll need to take this one step at a time. 

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