365/365 – What’s next for me

Well it’s finally here. I’ve been putting this post off for over a month now for many reasons but it’s now or never. One reason in particular has kept me dragging this out and I can finally share it with you today. My future is going to be very different now that 365 days of myasthenia, as you know it, is over. The main reason for that is I’m moving home. 

After nearly 12 years away from Edinburgh, I’m moving back. I’ve got myself a job I’m delighted with for the Scottish Government and this time next month I will be cutting around the streets of my childhood. 

What made me decide to move back now? The pull of my family and friends in the Burgh has been strong for a while now and by late last year I was finding it more and more painful to leave after each visit. Being 400 miles away on a good day felt hard and on a bad day felt intolerable. I’ve always known I’d like to return to my home city at some point, and when this job came up the timing seemed right.

As you can imagine, there’s a massive amount for me to do in the next month. But as I start to work through the seemingly never-ending list, I watch the new door creaking gradually open and prepare myself for the next chapter.

One last thank you for all your support and help over the last year!

6 thoughts on “365/365 – What’s next for me”

  1. I envy you – I understand totally the pull of the family and the sadness of leaving them behind after every visit. Wishing you all the best on your next exciting and revitalised chapter in life. Thanks for sharing your experiences – will miss them x

  2. Having had the privilege of meeting you once at a meeting in London, I can honestly say it will be England’s loss and Scotland’s gain. Such a force of nature can only be slowed down slightly by this affliction.
    I wish you all the happiness you deserve back in your home city, and just wanted to thank you for all your hard work in scribing your life over the last year and a bit, and telling us what MG méans for you, and your fantastic lifestyle.

  3. I have enjoyed following your posts Laurna. And have learnt a lot about Myasthena Gravis. I had never heard about it before your mum told me. The family will be so happy to have you so close. Good luck in your new adventure.
    Elizabeth Kean ( Canada )

  4. Good luck in your new adventure. I have enjoyed reading your posts over this last year, and have been well educated on MG.

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