Myasthenia and moving home

I know I’ve promised to hand this blog over to the MG community and I’ve had some posts already so thanks for those. They will be posted shortly. But it seemed wrong to let such a big life event pass without writing about it and the impact it has had on my MG.

Moving house is stressful, dull and time consuming. It’s also exhausting and that spells trouble for people with conditions like myasthenia. 

I’ve written some tips below to help limit the fatigue followed by my own experience of moving on this occasion.

Tips for moving with MG

  1. Do it gradually – try a room if you’re having a good day or just a box on a bad day. Doing it all at once will leave you exhausted.
  2. Ask for help – friends, family or even neighbours are normally more than happy to lend a hand. 
  3. If you don’t have people to help, it might be worth thinking about whether you can afford a moving company to do the work.
  4. Take what you can in bags rather than boxes -especially if you can get help putting a bag on, it’s a lot less strenuous than lugging boxes.
  5. If you can, do the actual move over a few days – it’s physically exhausting and you’re better to get rest inbetween.
  6. Pack less in your bags/boxes – it’s easier to do a couple of additional runs with lighter loads.

Moving city 

This time everything felt hard – from the clear out, with Shelter charity shop receiving 15 bags of ‘goodies’ and our friends having iron boards and roasting tins forced upon them, to the actual move, where we carted Elaine’s stuff back to Dublin by car on the ferry (6 hour journey each way) and mine back to Edinburgh by car (6 hour drive). I’m not one to shy away from hard work – in fact I’ve always quite enjoyed the physicality of the actual move – but the effort of doing it all in just over a week has drained me. 

The things that made moving exhausting for me:

  • The first thing that surprised me was I felt exhausted from driving on motorways. I’ve always found driving relaxing, but having to hold my right foot over the pedal for a long period was difficult.
  • The 6am starts several days in a row left me exhausted 
  • Clearing the stuff we didn’t want and the flat in general – probably the biggest job of the move and seemed to never end

A week after heading back from Dublin, I’ve had to up my dose of steroids for the first time in 6 months. Why? Because even though I’ve been getting long sleeps and taking it pretty easy since, I have the heavy limbs, my eye is down again, for the first time since Christmas, and my swallowing has been impacted.

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