Extended honeymoon

It has been a while since I’ve posted here and in truth that’s because I’ve been busy. I’ve been working away from home Monday to Friday and in my free moments I’ve been preparing for my wedding (most definitely the best day of my life) which happened in August.

More recently I’ve been preparing for my upcoming extended honeymoon.

That’s right – Elaine and I have decided to do something extra ordinary for our post- wedding break and so we’ve given ourselves up to 8 months off work to travel.

After many years of one of us working away from home, we’ve decided to start our marriage with some lengthy quality time together and to go to parts of the world we’ve dreamed of seeing:

  • Nepal
  • South east Asia
  • South America

Far flung foreign climes with completely different eco systems and germs  – that’s pretty terrifying for a person with MG. Particularly someone who was immunosuppressed for years. 

But now feels like a good time because: 

  • I’ve been in good health over the last number of months and years
  • I’ve trained hard to get strong enough for the adventure
  • I’m on very low medication meaning that I am able to survive without trips back for meds
  • If not now, then when?

I plan to write this blog regularly when I’m away to show the highs and the lows of life on the road with MG. I’ve not met anyone with MG who has travelled for long periods and so I want to share my experiences about it (if you have, please share yours with me). But I’ll also be sharing general experiences of being on the road.

I’ll get into all the different aspects of preparation and the actual going over the next few blogs, but for now I have a 2 page to do list that will not sort itself! Pictured in preparation mode – testing my equipment in the Pentlands.

4 thoughts on “Extended honeymoon”

  1. Have a wonderful honeymoon! I hope MG doesn’t bother you a lot.

    I’m Alba, 22 years old from Catalonia. I was diagnosed about one month and a half ago. On October I’ll have my thymus removed. It’s encouraging to see how active your life is.

    Big hug xxx

  2. It’s heartwarming and inspiring to hear that you’re embarking on such an adventure! I truly wish you all the best! I’m dependent on monthly IVIG infusions, and can’t imagine taking such a leap at the moment – but hopefully one day! Looking forward to reading your updates!

  3. Well done and all the best to you and Elaine. My wife and I have decided to sell up and move to Glasgow as staying in the country has just become too boring for us both and we want a bit of a life because who knows what this condition will do to me in years to come.

  4. Congratulations to you both! Since having MG, my key life learning has been to embrace opportunities as they arise (and as i’m able to!). We don’t know what the future brings in so many ways, so it will be an experience that can’t be taken away, and you won’t regret!

    Have been in some parts of SE Asia & Oz recently, will PM you some thoughts re experiences.

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