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42/365 – Periods and myasthenia gravis

I’m not sure how it happens – there are definite conclusions to be drawn about my intellect – yet every month my body takes me by surprise.

Warning this post borders on too much information (TMI), however I believe this is a relevant life issue for women with myasthenia (and men who love women with myasthenia). Physically and emotionally I’ve always been affected by getting my period. When I played football, I would dread getting my period before a big match as it would hinder my energy levels and give me heavy legs. I would also cry at all kinds of things that normally wouldn’t touch me – like adverts, something someone said or a bag hanging beautifully in the air. Seriously.

But then myasthenia came along and the silly was replaced with something more sinister. I am so affected by MG when I have my period that I believe myself to be ill, as I did this week. My symptoms flare up, particularly my ptosis, my skin gets ravaged and that heavy feeling I had in the past has quadrupled. It lasts for about three days – two days before and a day during. Then it’s like a weight gets lifted and goodbye for another month. I feel liberated – for the first few hours until other priorities get in the way. I felt liberated tonight – I was able to train hard again and box (as pictured) before running out of steam.

I’ve always wondered if it
was just me but interestingly I’ve come across some research about the exacerbation of MG symptoms around period time. It says that 67% of women find their condition exacerbates before and during the menstrual period. Many of them had to increase their medication around period time – something I have thought about doing in the past. Either way there is evidence, from this research, that people with MG need assistance in how to manage their increased symptoms at this time. I do wonder if I ever go into remission if my symptoms will still flare up around that special time of the month.

But for now I’m just happy to be feeling better .