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340/365 РChristmas Day shenanigans 

Well that’s Christmas Day over for another year but what a memorable day and night my family had. Once again, it reminded me of how lucky I am to be surrounded by such a wonderful bunch of eccentrics.

 After our usual quiet Christmas morning of present opening, operation ‘get the house and dinner prepared’ took us almost right up to the family arriving. I had just enough time to pop around to my former childminder’s house with a present – unfortunately I arrived as they had sat down for dinner. Great timing as always. Still, I was grateful later that I had made the craply timed visit. 

After a gorgeous dinner, present opening and lots of catching up, we started on the games. That’s when my childminder and her husband arrived at the door and the party got started with a sing-song. Most of us did a spontaneous turn and many a cheers was had. Call me oldfashioned, but I think that’s exactly what Christmas should be about. 

287/365 – Laughter therapy

This weekend my nearest and dearest friends descended on London to celebrate a birthday – Gem and Steph (the birthday girl) all the way from Edinburgh and Sarah from Southend. From when we sat down at our dining table in the Somers Town Coffee House right through to saying goodbye at the tube station on Sunday evening, we hardly took a breath.

We had plenty of time to catch up on all the news and plans while wandering around Primrose hill, Camden and how can I forget glamorous Milton Keynes. In fact we shared our first evening in Buckhinghamshire’s finest due to a gig by one of the birthday girl’s favourite bands. Testament to the spirit of the weekend, when we found out the band had cancelled a few hours earlier we still made the most of the night. We danced right through the replacement band’s set – requesting songs and sharing our best moves with a pumpkin. 

 It was unusual and bloody wonderful to have such an extended period of quality time together. I laughed pretty much straight through the three days and, in spite of the late nights, arrived back at work today feeling as fresh as a Daisy.