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341/365 – Myasthenia and looking after kids

The parents out there are going to give a massive sigh at this one but I’m exhausted tonight after six hours of non-stop entertaining my little cousins. I love all four of them to pieces, but seriously I’m ready to sleep for a week. It’s made me unsure about how I’m going to find the energy as a parent. 

I loved helping my little cousin with her dinner, then we started with table tennis. In between shots I was blowing up and tying balloons, helping set up pool tables and taking turns at Jenga. I’ve never felt like a better multi-tasker – seriously how do parents of more than one child cope with only one pair of hands? And anytime I needed to take a break for you know the toilet or a cup of tea, the little darlings would be waiting beside me ready to force the bat/pool queue etc back in my hand. 

I love being able to focus my complete attention on them particularly when I’m feeling strong. But today I was thinking about how parents cope on symptomatic days and I’ve got to take my hats off to all the parents with myasthenia out there who find the right energy each day. As I said, you’ll be sighing at how pathetic this sounds but I have a newfound respect for the strength you are able to find for your children every day.