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168/365 – Driving with myasthenia gravis

You know how everyone has a life admin to-do list which never seems to shrink? Whether the tasks are written down or stored in your mind palace, some of them are just never going to be urgent enough to be ticked off. Admit it to yourself – it’ll make you feel better. Scratch them off the list even.

When you find out you have myasthenia, and already have a driving license, you have to tell DVLA. If you don’t, you can be fined up to £1,000 and may be prosecuted if you’re in an accident. So obviously alerting DVLA that I have MG is important – except I don’t drive any more what with the whole living in London thang. So even although it’s at the top of my written out list (yes I’m one of those), sorting out my driving license feels like one of the above tasks that will never be achieved. Except Elaine has a car now and we are going for more drives out of the Big Smoke. Also, for her birthday I’m taking her to the Scottish Highlands and Islands and would like to do my fair share of the driving. The time is neigh.

What do you need to do when you want to drive but have myasthenia? 

As mentioned above, you have to alert DVLA. Except that sounds a lot easier than it is made to be. The following page about driving and myasthenia gravis makes it clear that the DVLA must be alerted but does not provide a way of doing so for someone who doesn’t have a car. I tried to call yesterday but the number reverted me back to the website. Finally, I found by searching and clicking on links that the form which is under ‘car or motorcycle license‘ is the relevant one. This appears obvious now, but it confused me.

 The CN1 form is simple and, according to one of the members of the young Myaware group, gives you a 3 year license. 

Now I just have to complete it and I can finally tick that off my to-do list…and add ‘book a car’ for our Scotland trip. It never ends.