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92/365 – Feeling good, looking terrible

Although my eye was bad yesterday, when I woke up this morning it was significantly worse. It would hardly open first thing as I stared at myself in the mirror feeling like I was looking at a stranger. Why did I feel that way? Because I didn’t feel bad – I felt great but I looked terrible. 

After a really deep sleep, my energy levels were back to normal and I was actually excited for the day ahead. But myasthenia gravis can sometimes be slow to catch on – my body wasn’t going to let me away with three heavy Dublin nights. It wanted revenge. 

I think my colleagues got a shock when I came in today as since I’ve started my new job it hasn’t been this bad. Looking at myself in the lift mirror, I realised I could pass for someone who had been punched in the face. When it’s good, you forget how you look when it’s bad. The annoying thing was I had a very relaxing break. Sure I had been out dancing and cider sipping but it was made up for with long lies and taking it easy. 

While my eye was the big give away, during my lunch time run my body started to show it’s fatigue with my legs feeling shaky and heavy after only a couple of kms. Still I managed to run 15.5km today all in all and cycle 5km. My legs are tired but in a satisfied way and I got to see this amazing sunset in different stages all the way home.   

I’ve upped the mestinon and am about to have an early night in the hope that tomorrow the MG will catch up with how I’m feeling. Or maybe I’m just kidding myself.