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28/365 – First day of sorts

While today was technically my first as a civil servant, I wasn’t in my new office with my new team. I spent my it training, with a group of other people from different departments, about writing content for the Gov.uk website.

To save me going into preparation overload last night, Elaine suggested we go out for dinner. It was a genius idea and we decided to try our as yet untested local Japanese eaterie. Having some delicious sushi, aubergine that tasted like banana fritters (pictured below) and some white wine worked wonders on my nerves and made me feel much more relaxed.


As a result of feeling calm and collected, everything went smoothly this morning…well almost. I had time for a nutritious breakfast, made a healthy packed lunch and walked most of the way to the station to get my step count up. So when I sat down in the packed training room and a video about passport control came on, I couldn’t believe it. After such a smooth start, I’d ended up in the wrong session. At this point I’d like to say it was downright bad luck as the receptionist had told me to follow two people, who she believed were going to the same training session as I was. Sadly, they in fact worked for the Immigration Office and had no need to learn about writing good quality content. Perhaps I was a little too relaxed!

After that slight mishap, the rest of the morning went without a hitch and I felt comfortable with the material we were given.

As you can see from today’s photo, stylishly taken in a government toilet, my right eye lid is sadly hanging quite low at present. But I didn’t let it bother me today – perhaps because the group I was in with were warm and didn’t seem to notice.

During my lunch, I went out for a walk to boost my step count and to catch up with my good friend Sarah. Although it was a freezing cold day, I was glad to be able to see the below view on my break.


The beauty of St Paul’s Cathedral always blows me away and, after spending a while appreciating it, I had to wolf down my lunch before an afternoon of putting theory into practice.

The training session has made me feel more prepared for my real start tomorrow and I made a couple of contacts for future campaign work. All in all, I get the feeling it was the first of many positive days ahead.

27/365 – Last day off

Tomorrow I begin my new career – the delay is over and I can’t wait to get started. No more daytime exploration of places like Somerset House (pictured above).

I’ve held off discussing my new role until now as I was waiting for security clearance. From tomorrow, I will be a civil servant working for the government department dearest to my heart, Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG).

DCLG covers many of the issues I’m passionate about including housing and homelessness. I’ll be leading the digital content team for the department at a very interesting time – with less than 100 days until the general election.

Before starting my training tomorrow, there are a few important tasks to take care of today.

As it’s my last day of free time, I’ve just been to get my third blood tests in two weeks – having MG makes you feel like a pin cushion at times. This set is for my GP to see whether the chest infection has cleared or whether I need more antibiotics. After taking it relatively easy for nearly two weeks, I hope that I can get back to my normal routine. As much as I’ve enjoyed walking and resting, I’m yearning to put my running shoes on and pound the pavements again.

As you can see below – getting these tests done is never quick. Receiving a ticket with number 23 when the board says 9 is enough to make anyone’s heart sink.


As part of the 10,000 steps challenge, I walked to the hospital in rain and hail to get the tests done. However, I still have around 5,000 steps to do today so it looks like I’ll be pounding the pavements slowly home.

The rest of my day will be spent writing up case studies for Rare Disease Day (more about that over the next few days), preparing for tomorrow and resting up. A big challenge for me over the next few weeks will be to continue the daily blogs and the healthy diet. I’m feeling great for doing both and will try my best to keep them going – if you feel I’m slacking please feel free to point it out.

Going back to work five days a week for the first time since September is both exciting and scary, but I’m ready to give it my best shot. First things first though – it’s time to enjoy the stroll home now that the clouds have parted.