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321/365 – Singing carols

On Thursday night I went to a carol concert with my friend Keith and was rather shocked. Christmas is the only time I really test out my full vocal range as each year I tend to attend at least one carol concert. While I’m not religious, it gets me in the spirit and reconnects me to the true meaning of the holiday: sharing love to those around you.

This year what left me rather unimpressed was the struggle I was having to hold notes. The breathing techniques that I had used during performances when I was younger were not really helping and, on longer lines, I was having to take one of those big throaty breaths mid word. 

I didn’t allow this to stop my enjoyment of the night – the high notes that only seem reachable in church and flickering candle-like voices do something to me every year. But it did get me thinking. Could this just be the fact that I’ve not needed to use my lungs for this kind of power recently so the muscles are weak? 

It reminded me that a couple of weeks ago, I had tried to blow up a balloon and failed. No matter how many times I tried, I just couldn’t get any air into it. The two feel related and got me wondering whether I need to widen my muscle strengthening to building my lung capacity. I thought this would be taken care of by my often strenuous exercise regime, but perhaps I was wrong.