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66/365 – Thinking outside the box and raising awareness for myasthenia

So I had an email from one of my readers the other day with an innovative way of raising awareness that he has put into practice. Using Strava, the cycling app, he had renamed a section of a popular cycling route to ‘myasthenia madness’ to make people, who also bike that same section, curious about what it means. Many of them will most likely search the word ‘myasthenia’ in google and up myasthenia gravis will pop.

He wrote the email in response to what I wrote here about the importance of raising awareness and how it has the potential to save lives.  Perhaps one of these cyclists will also be in the medical profession, or know someone who is, and it will encourage them to learn, or remind themself, about MG. Then, as the universe tends to do, they may see a patient who hasn’t been diagnosed yet with symptoms that are familiar. Cycling that route could stop that patient being hospitalised with a crisis or worse. 

His idea is a solid one and I feel there is something bigger in it. To get people to know about myasthenia gravis, we need to make it a phrase that they hear or see a lot. One that they want to look up and tell people about. But how do we do that? I’m asking you reader, how? This could be a collection of small actions (in numbers reached not in effort) like what my reader did. Is there something you could do? 

I’m thinking about other ways I can raise awareness – the one thought I have had so far is to tie in a myasthenia fitness account on Instagram and tap into all the popular hashtags on there including fitness, diet and medical ones. I haven’t seen anything similar and as I spend a good bit of time training it would be straightforward. 

Anyway, I leave it with you the challenge of thinking laterally about awareness raising.