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364/365 – What’s next for 365 days of myasthenia

And so, the end is near and so I face the final curtain (the longest farewell ever, right). Before I stop blogging in the way you’re familiar with, I want to remind you of what I’m hoping to do moving forward and how you can get involved.

After a year of writing about me and my experiences coping and battling with myasthenia gravis, I want to hand this blog over to you. I had originally thought we could do a week of other people blogging but that’s a lot of commitment. So instead I’ll be looking for guest posts. I’ll continue to post too – mainly when I have something interesting to share.

Calling all aspiring bloggers

Whether you have MG, are the loved one of someone with MG (be it father, daughter, partner, friend, employee…) or have only recently heard of MG, I’m looking for guest blogs about what the condition means to you and how you deal with it. 

The rules

  • Subject: It can be a guest blog about one day/week/year of life with MG, the story of your/your loved ones’ diagnosis or about a specific part of your life: I’m very open to ideas although the one thing I’ll be reluctant to publish is a piece that just moans
  • Word length: I’ll be looking forj blogs to be between 300-800 words
  • Editing: I reserve the right to edit blogs down to a readable size and for grammar/spelling purposes. I’ll also edit blogs to make them more digestible if I receive a giant block of text 
  • Pictures: please feel free to send photos over to insert into the blog being clear about where you think they would be best placed. As you know, a picture can be better than 1,000 words sometimes

Are you ready to blog?

If you’ve read the above and think you’re ready to submit/discuss a blog you’d like to write, just email me at laurnacr@hotmail.co.uk

161/365 РPost 365 days of myasthenia 

As part of the feedback I’ve been collecting, I had a most welcome comment over night. Alongside other warm words, the kind respondent said they hoped I would continue blogging after the year is up. I’m sure that’s not how you all feel – by blog 10 I was sick of the sound of my own ‘voice’. What to do with the blog content when the 365 days are over is something I have given some thought. Continuing the blog after the year, on the other hand, was not something I had really thought about. 

I’m almost halfway through the 365 days now, with just over two weeks of June left. Time is flying because I’m having fun (and keeping busy so I’ve got plenty to write about). On some days, finding the time or head space to write my post can be a real challenge, but most days I look forward to it. I’m more aware of what’s going on around me and how I’m feeling because I’m documenting it. At the end of this year, the endurance test will be worthwhile because I’ll have captured honestly the ups and downs of living with this rare condition. 

I can’t say at this point whether I will keep it up after the year is over, but there are still 204 entries to enjoy and, after that, I plan to use what I’ve written as a resource for people living with MG.