119/365 – Record month for 365 days of myasthenia 

April has been a good month for this blog. While the visitors have not been as high as January (955 unique visitors compared to 716 in April), the other measures have grown massively.

At the final count yesterday, I was only 40 views away from 3,000, I had 716 visitors, 50 likes and 23 comments. That level of engagement is exactly what I want.

The most positive thing for me is the growth in traffic from search engines. People are coming across it when looking for myasthenia information online, mostly google, and I’ve got to hope some of those people have the condition. Having reached almost 3,000 people over the last four months I would love to know more about the break down of my readers. Once the election is done next week, I’ll hopefully have more time to work on the poll.

Anyway, thanks for all your views and interaction this month. Let’s make May even better and reach a wider audience!


3 thoughts on “119/365 – Record month for 365 days of myasthenia ”

  1. Hi there, my name is John and I am now 62 and have had myasthenia for a year and a half. I have just finished the steroids but am still taking Azathioprine 200mg day. But no longer have the double vision.
    I have just walked along the sea front at Brighton whilst my two young boys had a skating lesson. My legs are now very tired. But hay ho! The walk was worth it!
    Hope you have a good bank holiday weekend.

    Very best


    1. Thanks for your comment John – I’m glad you’re able to get out walking and hope you feel better with a bit of rest. Glad you have finished taking the steroids – did you find it hard to adjust coming off them? I am currently reducing my steroids.
      Hope the rest of your bank holiday weekend is as lovely as today sounds 🙂

    2. Hey John, thanks for getting in touch and sharing how you are getting on. It sounds like you manage the myasthenia well and don’t let it get on top of you. Your walk sounded lovely. It’s quite a relief when the double vision ceases isn’t it / hope it stays away for you. Take care and keep in touch.

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